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Container deposit scheme NTEPA.
It is an offence under the Container Deposit Scheme for a retailer to sell regulated containers that have not been approved for sale in the Northern Territory. The regulated containers require approval under the Environment Protection Beverage Containers and Plastic Bags Act 2011.
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A deposit bond is used in place of the cash deposit the purchaser needs to pay when signing a contract of sale. Who uses deposit bonds? All property buyers can use deposit bonds to secure the property they want to buy.
High Interest Term Deposits. High Interest Term Deposits.
If you give notice to withdraw your Term Deposit before maturity, an early payout fee will be payable and interest will be adjusted in accordance with the Deposit Products Terms and Conditions or Business Transaction and Investment Accounts Terms and Conditions and the relevant Guide to Fees and Charges as the case may be.
Deposit Definition.
Often, a person must deposit a certain amount of money in order to open a new bank account, known as a minimum deposit. Depositing money into a typical checking account qualifies as a transaction deposit, which means that the funds are immediately available and liquid, without any delays.
Term Deposit Accounts Fixed High Interest Accounts PN Bank.
Money Maker Term Deposit, Interest on maturity, rate fixed for term of deposit. Interest credited to savings, paid by cheque or reinvestment. Regular Income Term Deposit, Interest credited to savings or paid by cheque. Rate fixed for term of deposit.
Term Deposit Newcastle Permanent.
Interest rate where Term Deposit funds are withdrawn prior to the maturity date is 0.01 p.a. Term Deposit rates are fixed and apply to the whole balance of the account. For further information regarding interest and the products generally, please view the applicable Terms and Conditions.
DEPOSIT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
make/pay/put down a deposit on sth Many families put down a deposit for their summer holidays as early as January. a €50/$100, etc. ask for/request a deposit Normally someone selling a house would ask for a deposit of at least 5.
Tenancy deposit protection: Overview - GOV.UK.
Once you become a tenant, the holding deposit becomes a deposit, which they must protect. Deposits made by a third party. Your landlord must use a TDP scheme even if your deposit is paid by someone else, such as a rent deposit scheme or your parents.
How Much Deposit Do I Need To Buy A House St.George Bank.
One of the most common questions we get asked is if you can buy a house with less than a 20 deposit The answer is yes you can but you will have to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance and may need to meet some further credit requirements such as genuine savings.
Deposit checker - Are your deposits protected? APRA.
Under the FCS, the deposit protection of $250,000, applies to all deposits under each banking licence. Therefore, if you have deposit accounts with a licensed bank, building society or credit union as well as deposits with another banking business that an institution operates under a different trading name, you'll' need to add all these deposits together to calculate a total that is covered under the FCS under that particular banking licence.

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